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 Bring the whole town out for your event - Special events and promotions

     Call Hollywood South Productions to plan your next special event, social party, fundraiser or promotion.  We put the extra attention into planning your San Diego event, private or corporate, to make it really special and grab the attention of your guests.  We can assist you with all aspects of your event, from best venue selection, invitations, menu design, and decor to overseeing the night of the event.  Our goal is to produce a great event that is also cost effective for you or your company.  We have been in business planning events in San Diego for 31 years and have won several awards for our work, so we know all the good and reliable vendors to select to make your event an overwhelming success... all done with exceptional flair.  Let us help you do it right!

About us..... Production Company Has Flair of Hollywood

     It's party time in Miami Beach.  Cheers and applause ring out from the opulent banquet room of a resort hotel where a corporate party is enjoying an ecstatic evening of multi-media entertainment.  In the front of the room a full orchestra is recreating the familiar sounds of Hollywood show tunes while glittering dancers glide across an illuminated stage to dazzle the audience with the colors, forms and frenzy of high-energy choreography...

     It's a beautiful, lazy afternoon in Santee.  Over three thousand people are milling around the lush green countryside of the seven Santee Lakes, snacking on hot dogs and popcorn, and tapping their toes to the tunes of down-home country music.  Out on the lakes, families are smiling and pedaling as they tour the lakes in those two-seater paddleboats you used to see at the resorts in the mountains...

     In the Golden Triangle, it's business as usual for Hollywood South Productions.  Whether they're choreographing a national convention show, planning a "Day at the Lakes", or producing a grand event with a fun theme, this versatile San Diego company puts the fun and flair of a Hollywood production into all its events.

     Founded in 1982 by vivacious owner Susan Clifton, Hollywood South Productions is a full service production company for all types of productions, including but not limited to theme parties, entertainment packages, press parties, fundraisers, and receptions for corporate meetings.

     Promotions and events masterminded by Hollywood South Productions have made their impact.  Critics and clients agree and have acknowledged Clifton.  The San Diego Communicating Arts Throw a spectacular event - Party planning and marketing Group has recognized her work in broadcast productions and national Toyota awarded one of Clifton's promotional events entitled "The New Season's Winning Lineup", top honors.  It was produced to announce the arrival of new cars at Rose Toyota in San Diego in grand way.

     The 1,500 people who attended the on-site event saw a grand show of Toyota new cars, a performance by the San Diego Symphony string quartet, guest appearances by media celebrities and members of the San Diego Chargers, and a fall high-fashion show.

     The event was quite unique for a car dealership," Clifton says, "and especially exciting for Toyota because several new cars were ordered that night."

     Clifton goes on to say "my favorite event has to be the opening of the Bookstar in the Old Loma Theatre".  Approximately 4,000 customers attended the grand opening, highlighted with a '40s flair that included a live 17-piece big band, antique cars, a caricaturist, balloons, "old Hollywood" style decor, a 1940's style USO dance exhibition, desserts, and beverages.  Councilman Ron Roberts led the relighting ceremony of the old Loma neon sign with a proclamation declaring the Loma Theatre a historical landmark; henceforth, "February 24th will be Loma Day".  Best of all, the revenues for the opening week of the bookstore exceeded their projections by 60%.

     What makes Hollywood South Productions so different?  Clifton responds with enthusiasm, "Our events are fun with an element of style and panache.  They make a lasting impression."  She continues in a more serious vein, "We know how to blend exciting and entertaining ideas.  We spark interest with entertainment and the use of just the right props and decor to set the ambiance.  This combination succeeds in getting the message across in an unobtrusive way."

     What's in the future for Hollywood South Productions?  "It's exciting," Clifton says with a smile, "We're growing and continuing to work with excellent companies in Southern California.  It's good to reflect, and to look to the future with ancitipation... to continue to work hard and make a difference in the needs of our various clients.  The last 30 years of business have been years of great successes... for us and our clients.  I'm proud to be part of such an exciting field."

     Our motto is "When its flair you want, ask around... or ask us... Hollywood South."

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